AlGOATS Scholarship Program

The Founders of AlGoats are strong believers in education especially in the Crypto Space. 

AlGoats has teamed up with ApeLabs, the premiere Crypto education school for a special offering

Each Ape Labs class involves a week-long course with live instruction, guest topic experts, coursework, & are graded on a pass/fail basis.

Classes Include:

→ Defi 101
→ NFT 110
→ Risk Management 210
→ Operational Security 220
→ Fundamental Analysis 330
→ Technical Analysis 331
→ Intro to DeFi Coding and GitHub 440
→ Project Management 450

There are 8 total weeks of Classes and if you score high enough you will become “ApeLabs Certified”

The normal cost per student is $1,500
However, we are offering 3 FULL Scholarships per semester just for AlGoat Holders
Any AlGoat holder is allowed to apply with us for one of the 3 scholarships we will offer each semester.

Ready to get Educated? Apply Here for a Scholarship!

The Next Classes start:

Monday 19th September 2022 and conclude 18 November 2022
2 hour lecture, 30 minutes groupwork each day
Calendar: 4 weeks on – 1 week off – 4 weeks on